Writing a book is hard work. I get it! Here are my most recent “write smarter” book projects:

Idea to Ebook cover31Jan14_01

Do you know the essential steps in the idea-to-ebook process?

This book describes the steps you can take to write and publish your best book, fast.

Available on Amazon.


Available on Amazon.

Many style guides will help you to produce a professional print book. This style guide is for ebooks — what they should look like, how they should work, and why this matters to the reader.

For fiction and nonfiction self-publishing authors, and the editors who work with them.

You've Got Style coverWith Carla Douglas.

Available on Amazon.

Finally! A copyediting guide written with self-publishing authors in mind.

Can self-pubs participate in the copyediting process? They can, and if they learn what to look for, they’ll save money at the editing stage. This first-ever ebook style guide for self-pubs (and their editors) will tell you the least you need to know to create a polished ebook manuscript — with style.

Books for Teachers!

I’ve also co-written a number of other books for Literacy Meets Tech on the Teachers Pay Teachers site. If you’re a teacher, you may find them useful.

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