Showing vs. Telling Macro

by @CKMacLeod Most writers are familiar with the adage, show, don’t tell. But sometimes it’s tricky to determine when those telling instances have crept into your writing. Editor Janice Hardy of Fiction University explains how telling happens and offers advice for how to turn telling into showing. She and Valerie Comer of To Write a… Continue reading Showing vs. Telling Macro

A Self-Editing Toolkit

by C.K. MacLeod Editors use a wide variety of tech tools to improve writing and to create a consistent reading experience for the reader. Below is a list of tools in many a professional editor’s toolkit. Writers can use these tools, too. Many of these tools will take of bit of time to learn and… Continue reading A Self-Editing Toolkit

How to Make Word Behave Like Scrivener

by C. K. MacLeod @CKmacleodwriter There’s been much to-do about Scrivener lately. And for good reason. Scrivener appears to be able to solve some problems that traditional word processing software hasn’t been able to adequately address. One of Scrivener’s strengths, its Binder feature, allows writers to manage and keep track of sections of a book-length work… Continue reading How to Make Word Behave Like Scrivener

Convert a Table to Text in Word

by C.K. MacLeod @CKmacleodwriter When you’re writing nonfiction, you often need to think about how best to present information—as a bulleted or numbered list, in a table, as a diagram, in a paragraph, and so forth. Your options are many. Recently, I wanted to convert a two-column table to a single-column bulleted list in Word… Continue reading Convert a Table to Text in Word

Find Passive Words in Your Writing

Passive words can make your writing dull. Use this macro to find passive words so you can replace them with strong, active words. Word will highlight passive words in bright green. Copy the macro from Sub to End Sub and paste it into Microsoft Word’s Visual Basic Application (VBA). This free 20-minute macro course will show… Continue reading Find Passive Words in Your Writing