Writers, Editors, and Money

By C.K. MacLeod If someone is paying you for writing or editing, you’re running a business. You’ll need to keep track of your income and expenses, not just for tax purposes, but so you can make smart and timely business decisions. Recently, while reading Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez,… Continue reading Writers, Editors, and Money

How to Turn Your Print Book into a Digital File

by Carla Douglas @CarlaJDouglas Adapted. Originally posted at Beyond Paper Editing in August 2014. OCR—not your grandmother’s typewriter! You can turn your essays, stories and other documents—stuff you might have lying around in a drawer—into ebooks. You also may have unpublished or previously published books, now out of print, that you want to self-publish as ebooks (be… Continue reading How to Turn Your Print Book into a Digital File

Google Docs for Collaborative Writing

by C.K. MacLeod There are many free tools for writers, and Google Drive is one of my favourite. The Documents part of the suite (Google Docs) is excellent for writing articles and other short pieces real-time collaborative writing and brainstorming (no file conflicts!) sharing your writing with readers storing your writing projects for safe keeping Style Options… Continue reading Google Docs for Collaborative Writing