Scrivener for PC Wish List

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Scrivener is a popular piece of writing software used by many self-publishing authors. For good reason. It’s designed to help you organize and manage a book-length project. It’s available for Macs, PCs, and Linux, but the features are different across platforms. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that the PC version is missing many of the features lauded by Mac users.

Make Your Wish!

Instead of grumbling about the missing features in the PC version on Scrivener forums, I’ve decided to try and be constructive. I’ve created a Scrivener wish list for PC users. If there’s a feature you’d like the PC version to have, document your wish in this interactive document. I will invite the creators of Scrivener to view this list.

I can only begin to imagine how much work it’d be to keep on top of version parity. PC users: Let’s do our part to help the fine folks at Literature & Latte fine tune the software we love.

To be fair, there may be good reasons why Literature & Latte hasn’t addressed some of the features that PC users are pining for. Let’s find out what they are.

I’ve gotten things off to a start. Be sure to have a look!

Image by Matt E